About Me


Who The F*ck is Ramón Wickham? Glad you asked. I’m a young entrepreneur who said farewell to my 9-5 job at an advertising agency and built my income from less than 40k/year to over 200k/year. THAT’S WHO THE F*CK I AM. 😂

Looking back at my corporate experience, even though it was a great run and I met really cool people along the way, deep down inside I felt that I had a larger purpose. I knew I was destined for something great.

To make it happen, I spent thousands on online courses and became obsessed with improving my mindset and learning as much as I can. 📚 I already knew a lot about marketing from my time at the agency, but I wanted to know more. I was determined to change my life.

Eventually, I made the decision to build multiple e-commerce stores, create a social media agency, and then I started generating profit. This breakthrough was only possible because of timing, hard work, the support I have, and the belief in myself.

Fast forward to today, out of all the things I learned on my journey, there was one life-changing lesson that kept coming up over and over again. This important lesson was about mindset. 💯

Having the right mindset helped me stay focus, overcome difficulties, and eventually make it bigIt gave me the power to control my psychology, and to create wealth and happiness in my life. This lesson is now something I am teaching to thousands of entrepreneurs.

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